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Solaris – a humanitarian aid organisation for refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland receives reports of prejudice, racism, hate speech, hate crimes, and other forms of harassment, violence, and discrimination directed at people with a refugee background.

The organisation campaigns against all discrimination, injustice, and extremism directed at people seeking protection and rejects any all rhetoric that fosters and/or incites it. The organization emphasizes that the Icelandic government has a moral obligation to provide
shelter and protection for refugees in this country and the Icelandic society has an obligation to protect marginalized groups such as refugees from harassment and violence such as hate speech and hate crimes.

By collecting accounts of people's experiences of hatred and extremism, the organisation wants to contribute to managing, documenting, and shedding light on prejudice, hostility, and hatred towards people with a refugee background in Icelandic society.

Please note that reporting harassment, hate speech and violence to Solaris does not automatically mean that the matter will be reported by the organisation to the authorities, although this may be the case sometimes. You must ask specifically for a conversation,
advice or help with a personal case that you want to take further. You can contact us at contact(at)

Report racism, hate speech or hate crime

Report racism, hate speech
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