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Solaris is a humanitarian aid organization for refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland. The organization was founded in January 2017 after media coverage of bad living conditions and the social isolation of asylum seekers in Iceland. 

The main goals of the organisation is to assist with emergencies amongst refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland, to push for improvements in conditions, fight for equality and justice and against racism and discrimination, and offer a platform for refugees and asylum seekers to tell their stories and offer education about refugee matters!


By supporting Solaris you are contributing to emergency assistance, empowerment and justice for refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland. All donations to the organisation go directly into support for our clients.

Solaris is a free and independent voluntary organization.

About us

Human dignity is a human right

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Alondra Silva Muñoz

Communications & Marketing 


Edda Aradóttir

Board Member


Sólveig Ásta Sigurðardóttir



Ásdís Virk Sigtryggsdóttir


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Sema Erla Serdaroglu

Founder & President

The Board of Solaris

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