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There are many ways to get involved with Solaris.
You can join the board of the organisation, volunteer your time, join our events, donate money, get
education for your group or spread the word about our work and refugee matters.
Whatever you can do at any time, you will be helping to make a difference in the lives of refugees
and asylum seekers in Iceland.
Every form of support matters. Thank you! ❤️

What You Can Do


By supporting Solaris you are contributing to emergency assistance for refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland.

You can support the work of Solaris with a single or monthly contributions through, either
by card or bank transfer.

For those who prefer an alternative route, the organisation can be supported through bank transfers and AUR.


Account number:
Kennitala: 600217-0380




AUR 123 791 9151.

Thank you! 


Join Solaris to participate in the work we do and get the occasional update about what is going on with regards to matters relating to refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland.

Raise Awareness


Raise awareness about issues related to refugees and asylum seekers by sharing stories and participating in events.

Stay up to date by following our social media.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


We believe that education is the strongest force against racism, discrimination and injustice.

We offer education to groups about matters relating to refugees and asylum seekers, in a global and Icelandic context.

Get education, fight extremism and support our work at the same time.

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