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Manifesto of Solaris

Solaris is a humanitarian aid organisation for refugees and asylum seekers in Iceland.

The main purpose of the organisation is to respond to the emergency that refugees and asylum seekers experience in Iceland, emergencies such as poor living conditions, social isolation and limited access to necessary services, such as health care services. 

The goal of the organisation is to push for improvements when it comes to matters related to refugees and asylum seekers, to fight for a fair and just treatment of all refugees and asylum seekers, to protect their human rights and ensure that their fundamental rights are always respected. 

The organisation takes a clear stance agains all manifestations of prejudice, xenophobia, hate speach and racism against refugees and people seeking asylum.

The organisation campaigns against all discrimination, injustice and extremism directed at people seeking protection and rejects any all rhetoric that fosters and/or incites it. The organization emphasizes that the Icelandic government has a moral obligation to provide shelter and protection for refugees in this country and that the Icelandic society has an obligation to protect marginalized groups such as refugees from harassment and violence such as hate speech and hate crimes.


Solaris  works towards its main goal and purpose with cooperation with the public, other organisations, authorities as well as anyone interested in working towards the same goals. We do so with active participation in the public discussion and debate about matters concerning the interests of our clients as well as with education about refugee matters, multiculturalism, human rights with the aim to increase empathy and counter prejudice and discrimination.

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